$100.00 Giveaway

Registered users ONLY! This GIVEAWAY will be $100.00 Cash

Register at www.teamfatboyzoutdoors.com
This giveaway will be the fist of this board and depending on how it goes we may have more from sponsors of Team Fat Boyz and such. This contest will run from now (08-14-12) to Midnight Oct 31st 2013 here’s how it goes.

1. If are not a member just register and confirm your account via the E-Mail our site sends you.
2. Fill out your profile and avatar of yourself.
3. Post an Introduction and one fondest fishing memory in General Chat and at least one more post.

We will pick a winner Midnight December 31st using http://www.random.org

NO DUAL ACCOUNTS WILL BE ALLOWED spouses and immediate relatives living in the same house may participate no more than 3 per IP Address.

The more people who register and fill out their accounts the more giveaways we will have.

This GIVEAWAY will be $100.00 Cash

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